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About Us​

My name is Nir Doron. I’m a person just like you, who likes wall clocks and especialy the large ones. I thought to build this website, in order to concentrate important and relevant content which has to do with my favotirte wall clocks, hopefully that it will bring some added value to people like you, who are looking for a wall clock or want to learn more about it before buying one, as I once was. But, beware! It’s adictive. After you buy your first wall clock, the next thing is that you’ll want to buy another one. Why? It just looks good in your living room, in your kitchen, at your hall hall, in the corridor, at your entrance entrance and so on. Maybe even in your bedroom (personally, I prefer not, just because of the ticking of some of the clocks). So, as a person who likes to share knowledge, I bring you this website. “May the clock be with you”
Oversized wallclock


If it’s being hung on the wall, you wouldn’t call it “wall clock”, right?


Yes. It’s all about showing the time and maybe showing off a little bit in your place 🙂


Large ones are the most beautiful ones. Why? You can see them and see them oversized from any spot in your house where you have eye sight to the gigantic wall clock location.


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