3 reasons why wall clock is a must

Modern wall clock

Well, I think that wall clocks are a must in every house. Why? Here are my reasons. I think you will agree with most of them. 1) Know the time – this is the functional reason. Most of us need to know that time while moving around the house, mainly through the living room (which is the best location for a large wall clock. In the modern time, when we have so many daily errands and we move around the apartment to accomplish them (brush your teeth, prepare sandwiches to the kids, take out the dog for a walk, prepare breakfast, dress yourself and so on). Positioning a couple of wall clocks will keep us on schedule. That’s for sure. 2) Decoration – in old times only wealthy people could afford a clock at home, as devices based on clockwork, such as big clocks or pocket watches. Owning an oversized wall clock (back then big size was the standard) was a status symbol. I cannot imagine a British mansion or an American estate without having a big mounted clock in the entrance hall. Even, looking back in the seventies, when I was a boy, we had a large pendulum clock mounted on the corridor’s wall. Just to remind how scared I was at night, when that thing use to ring 12 times at midnight… 3) Show-off – Yes. I think that my parents had it not just for decoration. I think it was mainly to show off. Very similar to the organ they bought for the living room (which nobody ever really played), just to show they can afford it. Just imagine. Still, some people want to have nice things, not just for decoration, but sometimes, because those object symbolize something: they’re like a statement. I don’t know if you’re one of those people (I guess we all have it somewhere inside), but even if you don’t have this reason, you still have the first two which I mentioned above. So? Go get your first big wall clock.