70% of the world people have it at their home

Oversized wall clock

Really? That’s a wild guess, but in my experience, almost every house or apartment, which I ever visited (and I’m not young anymore) had a wall clock. At least one. I guess. So 70% of the people? I think I was modest and the number might be more. But this website is not just about wall clock: it’s about the big ones, the large and oversize wall clock. Those clocks that take a big portion of your living room wall; those clocks that you cannot ignore them when you enter the house entrance hall; those wall clocks that a visitor at your home cannot stay indifferent to them once he or she spots it at your kitchen, living room and corridor.

Those kind of clocks do not appear in every house: only in some of them. Why? My first intuitive explanation was that they’re too expensive. Well? No. I’ll surprise you, but they’re not: they are as cheap as other small wall clocks. Then, maybe hard to get? No. You can easily find the right large wall clock for you? Just look at the homepage on top for reviews of some cool looking large wall clocks.

So, what is the reason? I thin it is the size: in most cases, when buying online, people will avoid buying big objects that might get stuck in the customs or be too expensive to be shipped. However, that is a myth, too, when it comes to the oversize wall clocks: most of them are modular and can be packed into much smaller package than the space they take on your wall when they’re assembled.