Best location for your huge wall clock

Oversized wallclock

Where would be the best location to place your huge wall clock? Would it be the house or apartment entrance? Or maybe aside the long corridor you have? Your living room? Sounds obvious. What about your library (in case you live in an English mansion and have an affection for books)? Aha, your bedroom! That’s a good choice either.

But, wait! You’re going to hear a ticking sound the whole night… Kitchen? In the kitchen, almost every wall is functional, so probably not much space for hanging a big wall clock there. Maybe the kids room? I don’t think they have same test like you: most kids do not like those artifacts which adults are fond of. Kids may like big wall clocks, but only if it’s in their style.

So, what should be placed that wall clock at your home? Most people will place it at the living room. Boring? I’m not sure. It is the best location, but not necessarily the only one. Try the corridor, if it’s wide enough: it will bring some life to the boring white-wall corridor. And lastly, try the bedroom: if you can get used to the sound – it may work; otherwise, you might go to sleep in your living room, lol.