How to assemble your new large wall clock?

Oversized wallclock

You must understand that some (maybe most) of the large wall clocks you buy (usually online) come unassembled, so you it’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) system, which means that you need to assemble the clock by yourself (what you don’t need to do when buying a small wall clock). You do not need much of technical skill or being a handyman, like Bob the Builder. However, such skills can really help.

Before everything, you will need to find the place – the right wall where you’re going to hang it:  spend some moments for this, as this is a critical moment, since you won’t be able to transfer that large wall clock, as you can do with the small ones (since you have to stick many components on the wall – which later, will be hard to be removed or to be reused). So, take your time and afterwards, you can start unpacking the clock parts.

The process is made of two: constructing (attaching the clock hands and battery) and attaching the main clock mechanism to the wall; and then preparing and attaching the clock numbers and/or letters to the wall (usually, they come as stickers with foam and plastic or metal).

Here is a nice video to give you the feeling of how it looks like, from the unboxing till the wall clock is complete on your wall:


Don’t be afraid, it is easier than it looks 🙂