Do kids like gigantic wall clocks?

Lego Star Wars kids wallclock

Well, I was a kid once and I suppose you were, too. The thing is that I still remember my thoughts and beliefs when I was a young boy. So, what did we (or at least, me) think about those big large wall clocks back then? I would say that most kids are indifferent, as mature people’s style is not the kids style: kids would prefer strong colors, variety and splashing colors, probably something taken from TV series, movie or known brand and something they like. For us, adults, we like it to blend with the wall, with the furniture, with the living room colors and look-and-feel, hot colors, cold color: we think differently, and hence, prefer different styles.

So, how would you make your kids like your modern wallclock?

You can let them take part in choosing the wallclock. But, still, not sure they will like it afterwards, as probably the selection will be some joint decision of you and them.

If you let them choose something they like, which connects to they own inner world and preferences, they will like it. For sure. Example? See the Lego (TM) Star Wars (TM) wallclock picture which I put here: when my kids were younger, they chose this big wall clock, as they like its theme. You know what? They grew up a little bit and they still like it.

Just something to think about..