Wall clock vs. wall clock large

Lego Star Wars kids wallclock

Is large wall clock is actually just a private case of wall clock? Yes and no. I would say that it is more a philosophic debate here: one one hand, large wall clock is one case of a wall clock (in the same logic where we can tell that a wall clock is a private case of a clock). However, some people would say that these are just different categories, where wall clock is a small wall clock (not bigger than your head size), while large wall clock is bigger or much bigger than that. You hang them both on the wall, but they’re different species: just like stating that private car and a truck are relatives, but definitely not the very same thing. One more thing about the large wall clocks: in many cases they come unassembled, as a DIY (Do IT Yourself), so you need to assemble this kind of wall clock and not just hang it like the small type.

Another cause to support the second approach is that when people, like you, are looking to buy a clock, they already have some thing in their mind: either a small wall clock or an oversize wall clock, but not just a “wall clock”. I believe that the “real estate” on your free wall may be part of the reasons: you already know the approximate size of what you’re after.

Eventually, we can keep arguing which approach is the right one, but the truth is out there and doesn’t really matter: if you already have in your mind what you desire for, then just go and buy it, no need for this kind of philosophical dig…